We aim to support the three latest major versions of macOS. Beyond the supported versions, we continue to provide technical support but do not provide code updates.

While no longer supported with updates, these older versions of Power Manager can still be deployed on older Macs.

A licence is required to use Power Manager for longer than the 30 day demonstration period. A Power Manager 4 licence purchased today will work on earlier versions.

macOS 10.9 – Mavericks

Version 4.6.0 was the last version to support macOS 10.9.

Download Power Manager for Mavericks

Technical Details
Version 4.6.0
Requires macOS 10.7 – 10.9
Architecture Intel; 64-bit

macOS 10.6 – Snow Leopard

Version 4.1.8 was the last version to support macOS 10.6.

Download Power Manager for Snow Leopard

Technical Details
Version 4.1.8
Requires macOS 10.6 – 10.9
Architecture Intel; 32 and 64-bit

macOS 10.4 – Tiger – and PowerPC

Version 4.1.2 was the last version to support the PowerPC architecture.

Download Power Manager for PPC

Technical Details
Version 4.1.2
Requires macOS 10.4 – 10.7
Architecture Intel and PowerPC; 32 and 64-bit

Looking for earlier versions of Power Manager? See our unsupported page for older versions and downloads.