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Unifying Power Manager's Removal

Power Manager has always required files to be installed on your Mac. We have always included a means to remove those files. Read more…

Published 1 March 2019

Modernising Power Manager's AppleScript

Power Manager has included support for AppleScript for well over a decade. Recently we revisited the code that underpins AppleScript support and modernised it. Read more…

Published 4 February 2019

AppleScript, Automator, and macOS 10.14 aka Mojave

Power Manager works well with macOS 10.14 but Apple have introduced changes that may affect your existing schedules. Read more…

Published 16 October 2018

Power Manager 4.6.5 Released

We are pleased to announce the launch of Power Manager 4.6.5. This update focuses on code modernisation and deprecates a few older security options. Read more…

Published 7 June 2018

How to Stop Your Mac Sleeping While Time Machine is Running

You can tell Power Manager not to put your Mac to sleep while Time Machine is running. In this recipe, we walk through how to add this condition to your sleep event. Read more…

Published 16 May 2018

Cloning and Deploying a Power Manager Schedule

In this recipe we will walk through cloning an existing Power Manager schedule and deploying it to other Macs. We will do this without Power Manager Professional and instead use Power Manager's included command line tool pmctl. Read more…

Published 22 February 2018

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