Preparing for Gatekeeper

With the introduction of Gatekeeper, we have started releasing new versions of our software. These new versions will be signed with Gatekeeper ready trusted digital certificates.

Mountain Lion is Apple's code name for the next version of Mac OS X. This new operating system introduces a new security mechanism called Gatekeeper.

Metal sculpture in Melbourne, Australia

Metal sculpture in Melbourne, Australia

One of the requirements of Gatekeeper is for applications and installers to be digitally signed by a trusted certificate. In practice this means signing applications and installers with a certificate provided by Apple. These certificates are being refered to as a Developer ID.

Previously all our software was signed by our own digital certificates. These signatures helped ensure that what you downloaded onto your Mac could be verified as being the same software we intended to be distributed. Digital signatures are fragile and will break if the signed software is changed or tampered with.

Our signatures could be used to help prove the source of our software but they were not signatures linked to an Apple issued Developer ID.

To ensure you get the best experience with our software in the world of Gatekeeper, our software needs to be signed with an Apple issued Developer ID.

Last week we launched the first DssW update signed for Gatekeeper; this was part of an update to Power Manager. Today we launched three more Gatekeeper ready updates: Activity Audit, Battery Report, and Sleep Monitor.

Gatekeeper Ready

The following DssW software is now Gatekeeper ready:

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