AppleScript, Automator, and macOS 10.14 aka Mojave

Allowing permission for Power Manager to run your scripts.

Power Manager works well with macOS 10.14 but Apple have introduced changes that may affect your existing schedules.

macOS 10.14 introduces additional security permissions for AppleScripts and Automator workflows. Your scripts now need explicit permission to access applications and files.

When Power Manager performs a scheduled event, the required permissions may not yet have been granted. In this case, AppleScript or Automator workflows will not work and will silently fail.

Allow pmuser Access

To allow the event to perform, you must run the event manually using Power Manager. This will let you grant permission to Power Manager’s pmuser tool.

You can do this via the Power Manager status menubar item or through the application:

  1. Launch Power
  2. Select Show Engine from the Schedule menu
  3. Select Trigger from each the event’s Actions pop-up menu

You may now see an alert asking to if pmuser can perform certain tasks. Allow this and your event should run as usual.

Screenshot on-demand events in Power Manager

It is unclear how these new requirements in macOS will evolve and change in the coming updates from Apple. As always, we recommend waiting to update to major macOS versions until after at least an additional minor, x.1, update has been released.

If these permissions are adversing affecting your AppleScripts and Automator workflows, please let Apple know.


Below are useful references both about the new permissions introduced with macOS 10.14 and approaches for getting your AppleScripts and Automator workflows to work: