Features and Capabilities

Power Manager is unrivalled. Power Manager offers the widest range of features and capabilies available in any of our energy saving solutions.

Power Manager is frequently compared to other tools available on macOS. Note that you can always combine Power Manager with your favourite tools and existing workflow. See the user guide for more information about working with other scheduling tools.

Power Manager compared with other tools on macOS 10.14.
Feature Power Manager Energy Saver cron launchd
Power Management
Power Schedule Yes Yes No No
Complex Schedules Yes No No No
Multiple Events Yes No Yes Yes
Triggers Multiple Time and Date Time and Date Multiple
Conditions Multiple No No No
Actions Multiple Power Related External Process External Process
Action Sequences Yes No No No
User Interfaces
Graphical Yes Yes No No
Command Line Yes Yes Yes Yes
AppleScript Yes No No No
API Yes Yes No Deprecated
Authorization Rights Fine Grained One No No
PAM Support Yes No No No
Multiple User Savvy Yes No Yes Yes