Supporting Bonjour

Power Manager supports Bonjour, aka ZeroConf.

This section documents the Bonjour service types published by Power Manager instances.

Power Manager's Service Types

Power Manager uses a single Bonjour service type, _pm._tcp.. This service type can be used to browse and resolve addresses to Power Manager instances on the network.

Power Manager's protocol allows multiple APIs to be provided over a single listening socket. All traffic is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

pm - DssW Power Manager protocol

The Power Manager (pm) protocol is a proprietary protocol developed for Power Manager 4. The service is published as _pm._tcp..

Defined TXT Keys

pm publishes the following TXT key/value pairs.

Power Manager's TXT Keys
Key Value Description
txtvers TXT version: \d+

A single digit TXT version number. This version number represents the version of the TXT format only. Do not infer the protocol version from this value.

i.e. 1

api Application Programmer Interfaces: (\w|,{1})+

Optional, list of APIs provided by the service. Use this list to filter services by purpose. May contain one or more APIs.

i.e. pmdctl,pmsctl

pf Protocol Family: (4|6)

Optional, protocol family the service is available on.

If pf is 4, the service is listening on IPv4 (PF_INET). If pf is 6, the service is listening on IPv6 (PF_INET6).

i.e. 6

mm Machine Model: \s+

Optional, machine model name.

i.e. MacPro4,1

vers Version: \d+\.\d+\.\d+

Optional, three digit product version number.

i.e. 4.0.0

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