Defaults and Preferences

Defaults available in Power Manager are detailed in the table below.

Power Manager's defaults Keys
Key Value (Default) Description
autoConnectRemote boolean (false)

Automatically reconnect to remote connections upon relaunching.

softwareupdate.check boolean (true)

Automatically check and alert administrator users about available software updates.

management.service Restrict access using this PAM service. string sudo
DSSWPMAKServicesDefaultWideDomains Search all Bonjour domains. If NO, search only .local when searching for Power Manager services. If YES, search all available domains. boolean NO
DSSWPMAKServicesResolveTimeout Seconds before timing out service address resolutions. float 30.0

Enabling automatic reconnection of remote schedulers using defaults

bash$ defaults write autoConnectRemote YES

Defaults can be read, written, and removed with the defaults tool.

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