Installing Power Manager

Power Manager needs to be installed before it can perform a schedule. The key steps for installing Power Manager are:

Downloading Power Manager

To install Power Manager, you need a copy of the latest version of Power Manager from DssW. The latest version can be downloaded from the DssW web site at

The downloaded file is a disk image and, once downloaded, will appear in your Downloads folder.

Once you have a copy of the Power Manager disk image, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to complete the installation.

Mounting the Power Manager Disk Image

Power Manager is distributed as a disk image. A disk image is a virtual disk that contains a collection of folders and files. To use a disk image, open the file from the Finder. You can double-click the disk image file to open it.

A disk image is ‘mounted’ once it has been opened. The mounted disk image will appear alongside your other devices in macOS’s Finder, much like an external drive or USB stick.

The mounted Power Manager disk image contains the Power Manager application and the latest release notes. Please take the time to read the release notes. The notes contain comments about last minute changes or additions to Power Manager. They may also contain specific instructions about the latest version of Power Manager.

Setting Up Power Manager

To complete the installation, you will need administrator privileges for your Mac. These privileges are required to place files in locations outside of your home folder. Power Manager affects everyone who uses your computer, so only users with administrator privileges are allowed to install Power Manager.

To install Power Manager's scheduler, a copy of the Power application must be copied into your computer's Applications folder.

Installing the Scheduler

Power Manager needs to install a tiny number of files within your Mac's Library folder. This allows the Scheduler to performing events and making sure your schedule happens even when you are not logged in.

How to Install the Scheduler
  1. Run the Power Manager application.
  2. Select the menu item: Scheduler > Install Scheduler….
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

After Installing

After installing, Power Manager is ready to start saving you time and energy.

The schedule is the core concept of Power Manager and a schedule is made up of events. Power Manager starts with an empty schedule; so it is doing nothing until you create your first event.

Your first task after installing is to explore what Power Manager can do for you. For inspiration, see A Better Inactivity Triggered Sleep, Shut Down at Night to Save Energy, and Sleep During Breaks to Save Energy.

What is Installed?

We install the minimum possible number of files. Where possible, supporting files are contained with the Power Manager application.

When the Scheduler is installed, a single file is created at /Library/LaunchDaemons/ This file is responsible for running the Scheduler when the computer is powered on.

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