Power Manager requires a licence to use the Scheduler beyond the demonstration period. The demonstration period starts when Power Manager's Scheduler is first installed.

You can buy a licence at any time. Licences need to be applied to Power Manager to let the software know you have made the purchase.

To apply the licence, see Applying a Power Manager Licence.

Applying a Power Manager Licence

  1. Launch Power Manager.

  2. Unlock the Scheduler.

  3. Select the menu item: Scheduler > Licence Options…

  4. Select the button Add… and choose your licence file.

Licences are provided as a PEM encoded X.509 certificate.

Internet Access

An Internet connection is required when adding a licence. Licence certificates are actively validated against our Certificate Authority on

Once validated, an Internet connection is no longer required.

If you need to add licences to computers without Internet access, the full certificate chain must be appended to the licence. If you need help doing this, please get in touch with support.

The demonstration period is reset with each significant update. This allows you to return to Power Manager to re-evaluate changes and new features. If you decide not to buy a licence today, you can install a newer Power Manager in the future to see if the software better meets your needs.

The Power Manager application can be used without a licence to connect to and manage other computers running licensed Schedulers.

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