Software Update

Power Manager includes the ability to automatically check for updates and new versions released by DssW. This ability is enabled by default. We recommend leaving automatic version checking enabled; it is important to keep your copy of Power Manager up to date.

To check for updates, a secure connection is made to the DssW server If an update is found, a prompt is shown in the user interface.

For managed environments, and for computers maintained by a third party, you may wish to disable the automatic software updates. In these environments, we recommend distributing Power Manager using the packaged version and your preferred administration tools.

The automatic software update behaviour is controlled through the defaults system, see Defaults and Preferences. This means you can alter Power Manager's software update behaviour from the command line, and enforce policy decisions centrally.

Disabling software update using defaults

bash$ defaults write softwareupdate.check NO

Disable Power Manager's update check; this change takes effect after a restart, or log-out/log-in.

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