pmuser — per-session daemon.


pmuser is a per-session daemon responsible for Power Manager's user specific behaviour.

pmuser is included with every edition of Power Manager. Every user session must include a running instance of pmuser. Without pmuser, Power Manager is unable to perform user specific triggers, conditions, and actions.

On macOS 10.4 (Tiger), pmuser is managed by a universal login item.

On macOS 10.5 (Leopard) and later, pmuser is managed by a per-user launchd job ticket.

Killing pmuser will stop Power Manager from completing events successfully. Running more than one pmuser instance per user session may cause unpredictable behaviour.

pmuser provides a private interface to the Power Manager Engine. Through pmuser the engine is able to launch executables and check user specific conditions.

There is no public interface to pmuser. No other process than the Power Manager Engine must interact with pmuser.


Power Manager/Agents/pmuser