Cross-platform builds of Power Manager Control, pmctl, to connect to and manage DssW Power Manager running on macOS.

Controlling Power Manager

pmctl is the main command line tool for Power Manager. Using pmctl you can find, connect to, and manage the Power Manager Scheduler running on Mac computers.

See the pmctl guide to learn how to use the tool.

pmctl is included with Power Manager for macOS, and below you can download copies for Linux and Windows.


Below are ready to use downloads for Linux and Windows. You need to download the edition appropriate to your operating system and hardware.

The latest version of pmctl is 5.10.0. You can check the version you have by running the command:

./pmctl -v


ARM – including Raspberry Pi and Pine

Download the appropriate pmctl.linux-arm edition for your device. Use uname -m to determine which architecture you need:

To use the downloaded file on Linux, it must be expanded. The file is provided as a tar + bzip format. Expand the file using the command:

tar -xf pmctl.linux-*.tbz


To use the downloaded file on Windows, it must be expanded. The file is provided as a standard zip file. See Microsoft’s Zip and unzip files for help.

Other Platforms

If there are platforms you would like to see pmctl support, please let us know.