Removing Power Manager

How to remove or uninstall Power Manager.

We provide an easy and safe way to fully remove or uninstall Power Manager from your computer.

Never use third party removal or cleaning tools to remove Power Manager.

To remove Power Manager from your Mac, follow the instructions in the Removing Power Manager chapter of the User Guide.

If this is not possible, we provide an installer package to completely remove Power Manager. The package runs a script that removes files installed by Power Manager.

The script embedded in remove-power-manager.pkg:

Using the removal package

  1. Download remove-power-manager.pkg installer package.
  2. Verify the package’s digital signature is trusted and from Dragon Systems Software Limited.
  3. Open the package and follow the instructions to complete the removal.

Getting help

If you need help or advice about how to install, manage, or remove Power Manager, please e-mail us at