Updating Power Manager

How to update from an older version of Power Manager

Power Manager includes an automatic software update mechanism. If you want to update to the latest Power Manager automatically, use the Check for Updates menu item in the Power Manager menu.

Occasionally, the automatic approach can fail or need help. In these cases, follow the steps to manually update.

Manually Updating

The steps below explain how to safely move from an older to a newer version of Power Manager:

  1. Export your schedule, using the menu item: Power Manager.app > File (menu) > Export Schedule…
    • Exporting is optional but recommended in case of problems.
  2. Download the Power Manager packaged edition
  3. Open and install the downloaded package, dsswpowermanager.pkg
    • The pkg file is a standard macOS installer package;
    • The package is digitally signed to ensure it comes from us;
    • You may be prompted to restart your computer after installing. This is an important step.
  4. Your computer is now running the latest version of Power Manager