Products and Services

DssW creates products that reduce the running costs of computers. Our solutions will save you time and energy.

Energy Saving
Power Manager Power Manager Reduce the running costs of your Mac with Power Manager. Ideal for the home and small business.
Power Manager Professional Power Manager Professional Automate, manage, and reduce the running costs of your customers' Macs with Power Manager Professional.
Power Manager Remote Power Manager Remote Automate and save energy with your Mac using your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Monitoring and Reporting
Activity Audit Activity Audit Find out where your time went by tracking your applications' activity in iCal.
Battery Report Battery Report Create detailed reports about your Mac, its batteries, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
Sleep Monitor Sleep Monitor Audit your Mac's energy use.
Complimentary Tools
authbuddy authbuddy authbuddy helps system administrators modify Mac OS X's authorization rights..
Battery Guardian Battery Guardian Battery Guardian helps you keep your Mac battery healthy.
Energy Schedule Energy Schedule A dashboard widget to show your Mac's Energy Saver schedule.
Wake Assist Wake Assist Solves a wake-from-sleep problem on some Macs.
Online Services
Sleep Centre Archive of Mac energy saving and power related discussions.
DssW Products and Services