Wake Assist

Free fix for your stuck-until-clicked wake problem on Mac OS X.

Wake Assist is not for sale.

Wake Assist installer for Mac OS X

Wake Assist automatically clicks the mouse a few seconds after waking from sleep. The mouse click is enough to nudge a stuck Mac to wake up fully.

The mouse click will only happen if the Mac is not being used — we made sure Wake Assist stays out of your way.

How Wake Assist helps

Wake Assist is a small Mac OS X daemon; it sits quietly in the background until your Mac wakes from sleep.

  1. A few seconds after your Mac wakes up Wake Assist checks for user activity.
  2. If no activity has taken place since waking up, Wake Assist performs a couple of mouse clicks.
  3. Finally Wake Assist returns to waiting silently for the next wake from sleep.

Installing Wake Assist

Wake Assist can be installed and removed easily from any Mac running at least Mac OS X 10.4.

To install Wake Assist, open the DssW Wake Assist installer package included in the download.

Files included with Wake Assist Wake Assist files

To remove Wake Assist, open the Remove Wake Assist Terminal command included in the download, then follow the on screen instructions.

Looking for more?

DssW makes a range of energy saving software. We hope Wake Assist helps a small group of Mac users with a specific Energy Saving problem.

Odds are, you do not need Wake Assist, but you might like one of our other offerings.